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Fotografia Susana Camelo

Each project mirrors the universe of those who inhabit it…"


Aesthete by nature, the artistic and creative trait was apparent since childhood.


She had an early professional start in the creativity sphere with the family businesses, within the importation of decoration objects from the East and Europe.


After several works as a freelancer, the atelier is established in 2006, in which with a team of 5 she signs housing, contract/hotel projects and other  special programmes.

Susana Camelo becomes a registered trademark in 2008.

The world is her source of inpiration:

the people, the trips, the sensations she absorbs, the emotions that awaken her senses. The “laboratory” spaces, the international fairs she visits from Europe to Asia, afford her the direct contact with renowned brands and designers.

The national and international public acknowledgement of her work has meant new projects, multiple invitations, the publication of her works in several media of the sector and the acclaimed book Interior Design Review, (published by Andrew Martin and considered “The Bible of the Interior Design Universe” by The Times), and the diverse awards already won.


More important than all this is the acknowledgement by her private and corporate clients - HN Group, Trading Places, Boavista Palace Residence, O'Porto Bessa Leite Complex Residence, Serviced Apartments, Eugénio Campos, Chi Clinic, Ozo Living, Poison d'Amour, Pop Nightclub, Espaço T, Bio Brunch Afurada, Armazém do Sushi among others.


Her work across the board is associated to a constant manifestation – the use of light, shapes, colours and textures, to convert each space into an extension of those who enjoy it.


Being aware that the decision to buy a house is one of the most striking decisions of our lives, she provides a service of excellence and customization, from the creation to completion and after-sales follow-up.

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